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Getting to Know Me

I fell in love with Improv in Middle School Drama, in Arlington, VA. The day my family moved to Kenya for a diplomatic post, I picked up a book about Improv before boarding the plane. I started a High School troupe almost as soon as I landed in Nairobi. 


I knew Improv was what I wanted to DO, but when I went to college, I was told by many, “You can’t DO that", so I majored in English and auditioned for a professional troupe.  The same day I got the audition, I was approached and was asked if I could teach Improv at a local theater arts program. It must have been the training that made it easy to say, “Yes, I can do that!” 


Through college, I learned on Wednesdays with ComedySportz and taught my version of what I learned on Thursdays at the theater arts program. When I graduated, I was still hearing “You can’t DO that,” so I followed the trajectory of expectation and got a “real” job. I made it too – corner office with a “Director” title on the door. I was sitting unhappily, in the result of other people's ideas of what I could DO. It made me wonder what would happen if I chose my ideas.

My Improv experience taught me to be to be brave in following my own ideas, to be tenacious in creating my own story and to listen and say YES, to myself. 

Now the moments I live for are teaching people to listen and say YES to themselves whether in the story they are creating on stage or the one they are creating in their lives. It takes bravery to move through the world as you are. I love helping students to discover that they are already brave, to hear them say, “People told me I couldn’t do that",  "I didn’t know I could…” “Speak up for myself!”,  “Say no!”, “Change my story!” “Be myself!”

You can! Improv is about finding yourself in the middle of your own story.  You've done a lot of work to get here. Now that you know where you are, I can help you discover who you are and who you might want to be.

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