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Board the Journey

Improv | On and Off the TOPIC

Every Monday 

4pm CST

Every Monday Shannon Stott, Creator of Improv |  On and Off the Stage along with Emily Arnold Fleming, Board certified Behavioral Analyst, or Luke Wallens, Registered Drama Therapist, invite you to check in with them and yourself.

Chat about the ways Improv is showing up in your life this month. Guided by the theme of the month the dive ddep into how we can overcome obstacles and relish in our triumphs.

Get a taste of what Improv can do in your life. 

Improv | On and Off the SHOW

Thursday, February 23 2023

Once a month, the On and Off Crew brings a Guest Journeyer just like you on The Journey (that's our space station). Join us all as we navigate  Improv scenes, explore Drama Therapy techniques and learn tangible ways that the practice of Improv effects us. Then we get someone whos never done improv before... to try it.   

Come shout suggestions in the chat, help our guest succeed and discover how you are already using improv in your life.

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