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The Improv | On and Off the Stage community continues to grow because of you. we will always and forever be grateful to those who have contributed to, watched, shared, and participated in our content, classes, workshops and productions. Because of you, we continue to share the value of empathetic connection through Improv on a global scale. 

Because of you, we have been proud to deliver engaging virtual productions like Improv | On and Off the SHOW. This monthly show brings together our team of Therapists, Behavioral Analysts and Professional Improvisers to discuss and improvise with experts from many different professions. We focus on a theme and share how these experts use Improv with their clients and in their work and lives.

Because of you, we've produced successful live productions, that bring communities together to share their experiences and perspectives through grounded and engaging Improv.

Improv | On and Off the Stage continues to need your support. Our crew, including our Behavioral Analyst, Drama Therapist, and Professional Improvisers, as well as our Tech Director, Chief Animator, and a handful of volunteers, have made it possible for us to create amazing live and virtual productions as well as Improv workshops for major companies (Dell and Intel), as well as some amazing non-profits (Stupid Cancer) and eco-friendly businesses (Matr Boomie). Becoming a Parton helps to support the crew in continuing to create productions and content that support individuals and communities in building connections and creating healthy internal and external relationships.

Whether you make a monthly contribution of $100 or $1, your pledge is appreciated.


Become a Patron and support the Improv | On and Off the Stage crew today.

Thank you always,

Shannon Stott



Do you have an idea of something out-of-this-world that we can do together? We want to hear from you! Contact us and let us know how we can sprinkle more joy on your day!

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